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Eco travel tips: for your summer trips

Ready for your long-awaited summer trips?

Traveling can be straining on the environment, however, it does not have to be so. Through conscious travel methods, and the right decisions, your summer trips can be both enjoyable, memorable, and planet-friendly. Here comes a few tips:


Plan your trip ahead of time to find the most eco-friendly transport methods, activities, and accommodations. Find local activities that don't pollute or interfere with nature and wildlife. Trekking instead of elephant riding, Surfing instead of jet skiing to name a few.


By traveling on bus and train, you reduce Co2 emissions considerably, while making the traveling more scenic. Take time to enjoy each place instead of hurrying around. Ditch the mass-produced souvenirs and if anything get some local produce instead. It's not the souvenirs, but the memories that you make today, you'll cherish later.


As the commute is sorted, let's talk about packing. Natural soap bars instead of liquid soap plastic bottles is a great way to up your eco-game, while reducing weight and risk of leakage. Before next summer we will have introduced a perfect travel pouch for your soap bar, alonside bags that are great for packing your stuff into. Pack light, and use tote bags instead of plastic, as packaging bags. Remember to pack your reusable water bottle, cutlery, and lunch boxes. It will eliminate the need of using disposable single-use plastics.


Stay at places that care. Many hotels have a sustainability focus. Using Airbnb, homestay or other rental methods is often the most eco-friendly solution. This also allows you to really experience the place and the local culture.

We have created a set of tips for your travels to make it a bit more eco-friendly:


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