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Get to Know Our Soaps

Our soap bars are made to give you natural and plastic-free wellness and hygiene in a hectic every life. They come with their natural experiences and effects through combinations of selected all-natural ingredients. Because sustainability starts with taking care of yourself!


Herbal Refresh - Probiotic Shampoo bar

  • A refreshing shampoo bar with peppermint's cooling and refreshing effect that leaves you energized

  • Lavender has a balancing and subtle aroma that leaves you focused and renewed

  • Herbs like hibiscus, brahmi, and shikakai make your hair shiny and smooth

  • The stimulating effect of peppermint can help speed hair growth

Floral Detox - Shampoo bar

  • A floral shampoo bar with an efficient formula for healthy scalp and hair

  • Grapefruit helps clear toxins while strengthening the roots

  • Geranium promotes hair growth by balancing the moisture and nourishing the scalp

  • The ayurvedic hair herbs nourish the scalp and hair follicles thereby leaving your hair shiny and smooth

Conscious Explorer - 2 in 1 Body wash and shampoo bar

  • A 2in1 bar made lightweight and practical to carry on travels, making it perfect for backpacking, hikes, or gym

  • Perfect to cleanse and stimulate after a long day of exploring

  • Lemongrass and clove help relieve sore muscles

  • Activated charcoal cleanses the skin from pollutants

  • Peppermint will refresh your body and mind after a long day

Balancing Scrub – Body scrub bar

  • An exfoliating bar for smooth skin and a stabilized mood

  • Coffee grains and walnut shell powder exfoliate on a deeper level and massage the skin making it smooth

  • The aromas are calming and stabilizing

  • A powerful alternative to harmful microplastic scrubs

Essential Meditation - Body wash bar

  • A body wash bar with a pleasant and soothing fragrance that helps you calm down and become mindful

  • The aromas of sandalwood and frankincense have a profound, almost sedative effect

  • Perfect to combine with meditation and yoga practice

  • Helps you re-center the thoughts, deepen the breath, and focus on the present

Earth Spa – Body wash bar

  • A spa experience in the palm of the hand

  • Earth clay makes the soap smooth and mild while helping to soften the skin

  • Bergamot helps strengthen and rejuvenate the skin

  • The simple aroma combination relieves stress, leaving you relaxed and content

  • This earthy soap bar gives you the feeling of oneness with nature

  • Perfect for your self-care routine

Facial Cleanse - Face wash bar

  • The gentle cleansing bar removes toxins and pollutants while being sensitive to the skin

  • Activated charcoal provides a deep rinse of the pores

  • Tea tree helps fight facial impurities

  • Lavender helps regenerate tissues

  • The mild aromas are stabilizing to the mind

  • The effective bar removes even water-resistant makeup

Loofah - Body scrub

  • The loofahs - made from a vegetable, provide the perfect combination of exfoliation and massage

  • Removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation

  • Effectively cleanses and smoothens the skin

  • The loofah becomes soft when soaked in water making it perfect for any type of skin.

Probiotics are added to all our wellness soaps (body, hair, face) to help strengthen the skin and scalp's natural defense. It also makes the soaps more sensitive to the skin and scalp.


How to use them:

Shampoo bar

  • The shampoo bar is all about the foam

  • Rub the bar between your hands

  • Build a lather by rubbing your palms together

  • Spread the lather around your wet hair

  • Rinse well to remove all the shampoo

  • Leave the shampoo bar to dry after use

Bodywash, Facewash, and Bodyscrub bar

  • The bar soap is concentrated soap and therefore highly efficient

  • A good idea is to apply the soap to a loofah or cloth, then the body

  • Could also be applied directly to the wet body, face, or hands

  • Rinse off well

  • Leave the soap to dry between uses

Loofah body scrub

  • Wet the loofah to make it soft

  • Rub the loofah over a soap bar before applying it to the skin.

  • Hang the loofah to dry after use

  • If needed, the loofah can be cleaned by soaking it briefly in almost boiling water with lemon juice

All our products are ethically made, vegan, cruelty-free, and compostable.

None of our products contain palm oil, SLS, or parabens, and the packaging is made from recycled paper.


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