Stay clean and fresh on your adventures. Let the Conscious Explorer take care of you, while the Universal Cleaner makes sure your equiptment is all clean and ready to go.


The perfect light-weight set for backpacking or mountain hiking. No hazzel at security checks and no harm to nature when using it in the wild. 


CONSCIOUS EXPLORER - Body and Shampoo Bar

Lemongrass and clove help relieve sore muscles, charcoal cleanses the skin, and peppermint will help you stay refreshed on your travels.

60 grams


UNIVERSAL CLEANER - Dishwashing, Household, Camping

Soap berries and citrus peel efficiently remove grease and unwanted bacteria. Together with tamarind they leave all surfaces shiny and clean. Excellent for dishwashing, but also great for cleaning surfaces in the home or for tougher jobs, like removing oils and grease on outdoor gear. Can be used in nature without harming the environment. 

185 grams 



Probiotics are added to all our wellness soaps to help strengthen the skin's and scalp's natural defense. Read more about probiotics here


Read more about the producers and the production here.


Read more about our susitnability synergy - how are working to end ocean pollution and contributing to reduced rural poverty in one modell, here

Adventure kit - body, hair & cleaning


Chip off a piece of the Universal Cleaner, pack it together with the Conscious Explorer in a cloth or a small bag. You now have a kit that is easy to bring anywhere. No leaking liquids, no problems at security-checks, and a worry-free cleaning experience in nature.


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