The revival set gives you eveything you need to cleanse, relax, re-balance and refresh. Leaving you back on track and ready to take on new challenges. 


HERBAL REFRESH - Shampoo bar

The rich lather infused by selected herbs and oils helps promote healthy hair and scalp. The cooling effect of peppermint together with the balancing aromas of lavender leaves you energized and focused.

60 grams



The aromas of sandalwood and frankincense have a profound calming effect, which helps you re-center the thoughts, deepen the breath, and focus on the present.

60 grams


EARTH SPA - Body Wash Bar

Earth clay softens the skin while bergamot helps strengthen the tissue. The aroma combination helps relieve stress, leaving you relaxed and content.

60 grams 


CONSCIOUS EXPLORER - 2in1: Body and Shampoo Bar

Lemongrass and clove help relieve sore muscles, charcoal cleanses the skin, and peppermint will help you stay refreshed on your journey.

60 grams



Tea tree helps fight facial impurities, while charcoal provides a deep rinse of the pores, and lavender helps regenerate the tissue. Together the aromas have a stabilizing effect on the mind.

20 grams


Probiotics are added to all our wellness soaps to help strengthen the skin's and scalp's natural defense. Read more about probiotics here



Upgrade to a basket and get a complementary loofah body scrub. It's a perfect combination for the ultimate wellness routine or as a gift to someone you care about. 


PALM LEAF BASKET - multipurpose

The palm leaves of the basket are locally hand-picked from wild palm trees and braided under a women's empowerment pogram. The basket can later be used for various purposes, everything from jewelry to kitchen supplies.


LOOFAH - body scrub

With our natural loofah you can safely scrub away with the aromatic soaps without any microplastics or harmful chemicals. The loofahs provide a perfect combination of exfoliation and massaging, helping increase blood circulation, remove dead skin cells and smoothen the skin.



Read more about the producers and the production here.


Read more about our susitnability synergy - how are working to end ocean pollution and contributing to reduced rural poverty in one modell, here

Revival basket set - body, hair & face


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