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Testimonials: our customer's feedback [ENG]

Maria Stierna

"Floral Detox er den beste shampoobaren jeg har prøvd så langt (av 6 shampobarer). Den skummer masse selv om den er uten sulfater og skylles lett ut så det ikke kjennes som at det ligger igjen i hodebunnen, dermed får jeg lett og volumiøst hår med denne baren. Jeg har lagt hår med naturlig store bølger."

Aitor Lekuona

"I discovered the world of soap bars with Indonaturals and never going back! Such a nice experience to have a naturally foaming agent with the best cents and amazing skin feel. The face wash is my favorite helping my skin to be on point. I switched for a more sustainable lifestyle, but I am staying for the product quality and experience!"

Anja Stang

"Jeg er så glad for å ha oppdaget produktene til Indo Naturals! Særlig sjampobarene er store favoritter som dufter og skummer godt og gjør håret skinnende rent De er også geniale å ta med på reise og tar liten plass, og når de er brukt opp er de borte! Zero waste og selfcare i ett der, altså."

Anja is an Indo Naturals partner

Eliza Fierce

"As a drag artist I'm always up to try out products that does the work of cleaning my face, but I've had a hard time to find those that are sustainable as well. With Indo Naturals you get both. I especially enjoy the face wash and the fresh feeling you get afterwards. I have typical man skin that easily breaks out when introduced to new products. With indo naturals' products I was surprised to see that my skin did not break out, but only felt fresh and clean. Will surely keep this face wash as a standard of my daily skin care routine."

Cristina Parvulescu

"I am very happy with the products developed by Indo Naturals. I appreciate their consistency and their efficacy. I will never buy a liquid dish soap in a plastic bottle again, because the dish soap from Indo Naturals is doing a better job and it's environmentally friendly. I am relieved we get to have natural and sustainable alternatives, like Indo Naturals, available for use because as much as we want to cut down the plastic packaging, it is very difficult. I am applauding and supporting the work the team at Indo Naturals is doing and I am always recommending them. I am also buying their products for my friends hoping we will all transition to more sustainable choices."

Lea Eliassen

Veldig fornøyd med Indo Naturals! Testet forskjellige produkter, mine favoritter er universalsåpen til oppvask og ansiktssåpen. De varer lenge og fungerer utmerket, uten noe plast avfall Universalsåpen tilsvarer rundt tre flasker zalo (ca. Etter mitt forbruk)! Ansiktssåpen i tillegg til å vare lenge er mild mot huden og fjerner sminke enkelt Anbefales!

Vilde Dyrnes Ulriksen

I finally tried Indo Naturals' Herbal Refresh shampoo bar, and I am so pleased with it! It smells amazing, lathers like a dream and leaves the hair soft and shiny. I'm excited to try out more of their products.


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