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Women's empowerment - The key to sustainability? [ENG]

Women’s empowerment is key to sustainability both in terms of environment and society.

A general reason is that when more people with different points of view take part in the decision-making process, more factors are accounted for, resulting in more well-reflected and long-term solutions.

The potential for more sustainable solutions through women’s inclusion in decision making is huge and that is exactly what we need right now in the race to reach the sustainable development goals.

Women around the world are creating innovative ideas to save the oceans while taking advantage of its many resources. An example is the women on the eastern coast of India that are creating mangrove nurseries resulting in not only a source of income, but also better protecting their community from natural disasters and creating important carbon sinks. More about this, and other innovative projects by women on World Economic Forum.

When it comes to fighting poverty, some studies show that women tend to spend more on the children's nutrition, health and education, when provided a source of income. Women having access to a fair wage is therefore an important part of helping both the current and next generations out of poverty.

Yet, women’s empowerment is far more than a fair wage. The programs we collaborate with provide skill-training, courses and last but not least a feeling of pride from a job well done creating products that bring excitement to others. Empowerment through skill, knowledge and confidence can help bring women to the decision table in their local communities to help their society battle both poverty and environmental issues.


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