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During a traineeship at the Norwegian Consulate General in Mumbai, founder and CEO Fredrik was working on sustainability and the global issue of ocean pollution. Using his background in economics, he started thinking of what we could do to contribute to  clean oceans.

“It was shocking to learn about the state of the oceans and the huge amounts of plastic waste that end up in the seas every day! I started thinking of ways to reduce plastic waste at one of it's main sources - our household plastic bins.


I knew that rural India has huge amounts of plant resources, and many people with knowledge about these resources, but a lack of livlihood opportunities. I started working on our sustainability synergy with a goal of giving ordinary people access to  unique plastic-free everydayproducts that are ethically made in rural India. This way we strive to make sustainable everyday living easily available for everyone through products full of exciting qualities.

Fredrik Kondrup
Founder & CEO