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Design to give you BIG BAG for everything from grocery shopping, traveling, picnics, and other times when you need to bring with you a little load. Our big bag has two inside pockets to keep control of smaller things.


The bags are made completely out of hemp, one of the strongest natural fibers, resulting in highly durable and long-lasting bags. 


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Everyday sustainability. Made to give you a great alternative to plastic or cotton bags. Packed with functionalities and benefits to make a busy everyday life easier.


Zero-plastic. The bag is long-lasting and can replace more than a hundred plastic bags every year. 


Ecological fibers. Unlike cotton, hemp is a much more ecologically beneficial plant that absorbs and stores high amounts of CO2, grows fast using little land area, does not require pesticides, and uses much less water while providing a highly durable textile fiber.


Vegan. The bags are 100% vegan like all our brand products.


Ethically made. The bags are made in the foothills of the Himalayas at a small sewing unit focusing on creating training and employee to local women. Our partner train farmers in growing hemp and provides resources needed to them get new livelihood opportunities through hemp cultivation.

Big Bag - 100% hemp

  • Qualities:

    • A really Big Bag so you do not have to worry about having enough space again!


    • Long lasting durability


    • Quick-drying


    • Padded shoulder strap


    • Two inside pockets for smaller things


    • Lightweight






    • Dimensions: 38cm high, 50cm wide, 15cm long


    • Weight: ca 350 grams


    • Materials: 100% hemp textile


    • Washing: handwash 

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