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5 tips for sustainable holiday shopping [ENG]

We all like to enjoy ourselves a little extra during vacations, and this often includes buying something new. Whether it is new decorations dedicated to the season, gifts for loved ones, or some sweets to snack on during the days of. As consumers, our choices and shopping culture have a large impact on both society and the environment. Good news is that there are ways we can enjoy ourselves and even buy something new without making someone else pay for it.

Here are some tips on how to shop more sustainably during festive days:

1. Truly local products

Buying products made locally with local raw materials is a great way to support small businesses and ethical production while also getting products with a low climate impact. Whether it is socks made with free-ranging sheep wool in Norway or soaps made with coconut oil and other natural ingredients in rural India. However, don't get tricked! Remember that products produced locally, but with ingredients from far away are neither less climate impacting nor more ethical. They actually often contribute to more Co2 emissions than products made at the raw material source, and can even result in increased poverty where the raw material is extracted from. The best way to not get tricked is to check if the seller is transparent about where the products come from, both raw materials to production.

2. Creative decoration events

Organizing creative decoration events at home with your family and friends can result in new memories, new art, and some savings for yourself. For materials, you can use things you already have at home or collect things from nature. If you don’t want to start from scratch it’s also a great idea to re-furnish something you already have, adding to iit sentimental value and meaning.

3. Gifts that are perishable

Many of us love to give gifts and most of us love getting them. However, it can be a wasteful habit, and increasingly more people don’t want new things they won't use anyways. The best way around this is to give gifts that are perishable; a tasty snack, shooting soap, or a bottle of something-something. Chances are that you’ll get to enjoy it too ;)

4. Quality is cheaper!

Quality is underestimated! When getting decorations and other seasonal things that you will be using year after year, why not get something of quality, that looks better, that you'll cherish more, and that you look forward to packing up. In the end, you’ll save money by not having to buy new decorations every couple of years! This way quality gives you higher pleasure while costing you less.

5. "The most sustainable product is the one you never bought”

Another interesting question to ask oneself is: do we or I actually need this, or do I simply want to shop just because there is a holiday coming up? It can be easy to forget the true meaning behind holidays: to spend time with loved ones. So as the question is asked, and the answer is «no», maybe there should not be a need for a new purchase, but simply enjoy your company!

Pst: and lastly, if you do go out shopping - remember to bring a bag ;)

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