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Compostable or biodegradable - What's the difference?

There is increasing confusion and greenwashing revolving around the term biodegradable. You might think it means objects will completely disappear into nature without harming it, but that’s not always the case. Biodegradable simply means that the product will degrade over time. How long this process will take is not defined by the term, and it can therefore be misleading.

Compostable is a more concrete term that says the object is biodegradable within 3 weeks in a functional compost. A functional compost could be an industry compost, or a working home compost (with a central temperature of 49-77 celsius and the right humidity level).

Apart from referring to a specific time frame, compostable often means that the product also adds nutrition to the soil and therefore has value even after it's disposed of. Products that are plant-based contain nitrogen and other elements that work as fertilizers. This should be utilized instead of wasted, and a functional compost helps you do this.

Our soaps can safely be used in nature as the runoff water from the soap decomposes and doesn't harm nature.

Our packaging is made to be reused, but it can also be recycled or even composted! As it is made from recycled wood pulp, it breaks down faster in compost than virgin paper does. Each soap is also wrapped in oiled paper to keep it fresh and avoid wasting the essential oils they contain. This paper breaks down quickly when exposed to water or is composted!

Next time you buy something branded as natural and eco-friendly, make sure to check if it’s also compostable. Don’t underestimate your power as a consumer!


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