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Our Dishwashing Products: an overview

Dishwashing is something many of us do every day. Even if you have a dishwasher it's likely that you do some dishes, like cleaning the cutting board, pans, and knives. Plastic brushes, sponges, and synthetic dishwashing liquid are therefore a considerable source of plastic waste and synthetic pollution. We have therefore developed a series of dishwashing products to give you access to natural dishwashing without causing any harmful pollution. Our dishwashing brushes replace up to 6 un-recyclable plastic brushes and our dishwashing soap is just as effective as synthetic liquids.

Another reason for our focus on dishwashing products is due to their connection with the food we eat. Microplastics and toxins from plastics as well as artificial chemicals in dish detergent might be harming us in various short and long-term ways. This is still something we don't know much about, but it might be worth considering. Even without considering the effect this has on ourselves, the run-off water from dishwashing, containing microplastics and artificial chemicals, can harm the environment when reaching waterbodies.

We, therefore, developed our dishwashing soap and dishwashing brushes. They are made ethically in rural India using locally available plant resources. Read the Story of Our Dish Brushes.

Dishwashing Soap Block

Our dishwashing soap has been developed with cleansing oils and herbal powders to give you a natural dishwashing without compromising on effectiveness. Each natural ingredient rinses in different ways making the soap block unique in its cleaning properties. The result is shiny clean dishes, free from both unwanted bacteria and synthetic chemicals. Scientists have raised the alarm about the potential harm of synthetic dishwashing liquids, read more.

Our Dishwashing block is excellent for dishwashing, but also great for cleaning surfaces in the home or for tougher jobs, like removing oils and grease on outdoor gear. It can also be used in nature without harming the environment (however, do not use it in small water bodies).

  • Soapberries and citrus peel efficiently remove oil, grease, and unwanted bacteria

  • Tamarind helps leave the dishes shiny clean

Dish Brush

Our all-around dish brush with a solid handle and flexible coir bristle head. This brush is designed to be for the effective washing of everything from cups to plates, cutlery, pans, and more. The coconut coir bristles have antibacterial properties and last for a long time without bending or wearing out. This brush has been developed to last for up to 1 year. After use the handle and bristles can be composted while the metal wires can be reused or recycled.

  • Robust brushing effect without harming surfaces

  • Coconut coir has anti-bacterial properties

  • Mango wood is lightweight yet durable

  • Gives your kitchen an ecological and natural appeal

Pan & Board Brush

Our dish brush developed for effective dishwashing of everything flat. With the well-tightened coir bristles it scourers well making the job of cleaning pans, boards, knives, and plates quick and easy. The handle is designed for a good grip, so you can give your dishes a study scrub. Cutting boards are especially important to clean well to avoid pathological bacterial growth. This brush lasts for up to 1 year. After this, it can be reused for more dirty jobs, or it can be composted or put in the fireplace.

  • Made especially for effective pan and board cleaning

  • Robust brushing effect without harming surfaces

  • Coconut coir has anti-bacterial properties

  • Mango wood is lightweight yet durable

  • Gives your kitchen an ecological and natural appeal

Sponge Scourer

Our sponge scourers made with 100% ridge gourd vegetables are a great alternative to plastic sponges. The combination of sponginess that sucks up water, and the rugged surface that scourers well makes it perfect for everything from dishwashing, but also good for cleaning counters and kitchen surfaces or even to be used in the bathroom.

  • Good water absorption

  • The fibers scrub without damaging the dishes

  • Shapes over various dish edges and forms

  • The loofah is perfect in combination with our dishwashing soap block


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