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DIY soap bar holders - keep your soaps dry

If you keep your soap bars dry, you can enjoy them for a long time. Here are some DIYs that can keep your soap bars dry between use!

Twig soap dish

Fancy bringing the outside into your bathroom? Try making a DIY soap dish made from twigs!

  1. Grab some twigs from outside – a couple of long twigs are enough

  2. Remove the bark from the twigs and cut them into smaller pieces – two of these pieces should be shorter than the rest (horizontal twigs)

  3. Let the twigs dry to get rid of all moisture

  4. Using hemp or jute twine, tie one side of all the long twigs (vertical twigs) on to one of the short twigs – remember to tie the twine tightly

  5. Tie the other side of all the long twigs on to the other short twig

  6. All done – you can now place the soap bar on top of the twig soap dish

Mason jar lid soap dish

Did you finish a jar of jam, and now have empty mason jars? Do you have some rubber bands laying around from something you purchased before? Don’t throw them away – reuse!

  1. Clean an empty mason jar lid that you have lying around

  2. Grab an old rubber band that you have from groceries

  3. Take the rubber band, put the lid through

  4. Twist the rubber band, then put the lid through again in another direction

  5. Repeat the fourth step

  6. Finished – place the soap bar on top of the rubber band and enjoy

Bottle cap soap holder

Do you have some glass bottles caps left over from a party last weekend, a fridge magnet and some tread?

  1. Take the bottle cap and push it firmly into the soap bar

  2. Attach a twine to a magnet (tie it around or find another way)

  3. Hang the other end of the twine with the magnet onto the faucet or anywhere else in your shower

  4. Let the bottle cap stick to the magnet and allow it to hang when you don’t need it – simply detach the cap/soap bar from the magnet when you want to use the soap bar

Using soap bars is a great way to reduce plastic and synthetics in your everyday life. Our soap bars are made with probiotics, to give your skin and scalp a boost of positive microbes. Check out all our probiotic soap bars here


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