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Ethical trade - Rural development and Empowerment

We work hard to assure an ethical production of our zero waste products. It’s a long process involving lots of research, visits to our partners, detailed information requirements, and a strict code of conduct.

An amazing women's empowerment program
Our partner Wild Ideas Trust

Yet, the best way to guarantee a production that provides positive rural development is partnering up with rural producers that already share our values of eco-friendly and ethical production. Our products are made providing a fair income, good working conditions and just workers’ rights. In addition, our partners help create opportunities for weaker groups in rural India.

The current and upcoming products help empower women and villagers, and provide income opportunities to independent farmers. More about our partners in later posts.

When you receive our products, you should be sure that they are made contributing to positive development in rural India. From raw materials to packaged product. The whole product journey is described here -


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