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Here's to women! Today's your day!

At Indo Naturals we work for a fair world. No, not only "fairer" but fair. Throughout history, it’s been proven time and again that women’s position in our societies is integral towards stability, progress, long-term development of nations and at large, a fair world. That's why we hold women's empowerment at utmost importance at Indo Naturals.

This women’s day let’s talk about 4 ways gender equality and women's empowerment can change the world:

Give control

Research indicates a significant relationship between gender equality and the level of economic and social development of a country. Investing in women and empowering women lifts entire families, communities and countries out of poverty and magnifies economic growth. Evidences also suggest that women with more control over resources will spend more money on basic living needs and education thus breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations.

“When women are empowered and can claim their rights and access to land, leadership, opportunities and choices, economies grow, food security is enhanced and prospects are improved for current and future generations.”

– Michelle Bachelet,

Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women

A seat at the table

Diversity in boards lead to more and different perspectives being discussed and thus better decision making for both short and long term. Matters connected to environment, health and long term development of a society are likely to get a higher focus. Women in boards and leadership play a huge role in diversifying the most often male dominant positions.

Let women lead

Historically, power has been distributed among the sexes disparately. However, when you have more women in leadership positions, you get policies that benefit minorities, women, children and families in general and they tend to speak up more for the interests of communities and more so for local communities. When women are given their due spaces among the otherwise men dominated areas wonders can happen. Some evidence shows that women in power even result in less war and conflict.

Normalising equality

Last but not least, gender equality has many benefits to sustainable development. However, the reasons for gender equality is simply that half the world's population deserves the same rights and possibilities as the other half. So even if there were no positive changes with gender equality, it would still be what's right, fair and just.

We see gender equality springing forward all around us, and we want to shout out our pride for working with amazing women in rural India. A majority of our production collaborations are run and operated by women, and several of them are women's empowerment programs. The work they do in these local areas is amazing and we hope to be able to do as much as we can to contribute to their growth!


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