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#Know Your Producer: an easy guide

There is an increasing interest in transparency, and knowing a product's story. However, the market is unfortunately full of products that are made unethically and companies who try to hide information about their products.

Getting to know the story behind what you consume should be easy! We have created a guide to better understand how many brands and companies source products, and what to look for when getting to know the story behind your products.

There are 3 main steps of creating a product: design, production, and marketing.

Did you know that many branded products are neither designed nor produced by the brand company? Often the product is both designed and manufactured by a third-party producer and not the brand itself. Moreover, the producer may supply the same product to several other brands. We think you deserve to know who has made your product.

By keeping the production process hidden from the customer, brands often disguise the fact that their only role is to market it. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this as long as the brand seller is open about this. However, when they make it seem like it’s their product design and that they manufacture it themselves, it’s misleading to the customers, don’t you think?

In this era, where technology has made it very easy to share information with customers, there is no excuse to not make the products and their development process transparent.

Even though it might be difficult to find information about most products, it’s quite easy to identify whether a brand is transparent or not. In the below infographic we have made a list of questions that focus on different aspects of a product. If you can easily find good answers to these questions on the brand’s webpage or social media, the brand is amongst the very few brands that are transparent to its customers! Check your favorite brands! Be wary of vague information and even lies.


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