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Designed for effective cleaning of cutting boards and pans. Robust coir bristles and a sturdy handle for a good grip help you give your dishes an effective scrub. Cutting boards are especially important to clean well to avoid pathological bacterial growth. The brush is made to last for a long time.



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Everyday sustainability. Made to give you a non-plastic, long-lasting, and effective dishwashing experience, every day.


Zero-plastic. Conventional plastic dishwashing brushes shred microplastic and are not recyclable. Our brushes are made to be long-lasting, replacing up to 6 plastic brushes. 


100% natural. Made from coconut coir and mango wood, with no synthetic coating, only linseed oil is used to preserve the brush.


Vegan. The brushes are 100% vegan like all our other products.


Ethically made. Our brushes are made in rural southern India providing livelihood to people from the surrounding villages. 


Compostable. The brushes contain some metal pieces to hold the coir together for a long time. These can be taken out, or composted with the brush and collected later. After use, can use the brushes as firewood in your fireplace since they have no synthetic coating, or in the worst-case scenario, the brushes will biodegrade at a landfill without causing any toxic pollution. 


Local raw materials. The coconut coir is sourced only a few km from the production, while the mango wood is sourced from waste wood traders in the area.

Pan & Board Dish Brush - coconut coir & mango wood

  • Qualities:

    • Made especially for effective pan and board cleaning


    • Robust brushing effect without harming surfaces


    • Coconut coir has anti-bacterial properties


    • Mango wood is lightweight yet durable


    • Gives your kitchen an ecological and natural appeal


    • Long-lasting - up to 1 year+



    How to use:


    • Wet bristles
    • Rub over the dishwashing soap block, or add dishwashing liquid to the bristles
    • Brush over dishwashing or on surfaces
    • Rinse after use

    PS: Keep dry between uses.





    Size: ca 110 grams


    Measurements: height 10cm, diameter(max) 7cm


    Materials: coconut coir, mango wood, steel grade 304. (No glue. No synthetic coating.)


    Lifetime: up to 1 year as dish brush. After, can be reused for rougher brush jobs (for example garden). Keep dry between use.


    Disposal: compost, reuse, burn, or discard.

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