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Loofah comes from the vegetable ridge gourd and is a great alternative to plastic sponges. It is 100% natural and can be composted after use. 



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Everyday sustainability. Made to give you an easy dishwashing experience without any use of plastics and without any microplastic pollution. 


Zero-plastic. Our loofah sponge is made of ridge gourd vegetables and does not leave any microplastics behind.


Clean oceans. Dish sponges are often made of plastic foam and shed tiny microplastic particles down the drain. These dangerous particles end up in the oceans damaging marine life. Say no to microplastics in the oceans and switch to natural loofah sponges.


100% natural & vegan. Made entirely with the vegetable, ridge gourd.


Compostable. When the sponge starts falling apart after about a month, simply throw it in the compost, or in a hole in your garden. 


Ethically made. The sponge is made using waste vegetables that cannot be eaten due to damage or dryness. Local farmers give their waste vegetables to the producer and people from the local area are employed to make them into sponges.

Sponge scrub pad - 100% loofah

  • Qualities:

    • Good water absorption


    • The fibers scrub without damaging the dishes


    • Shapes over various dish edges and forms


    • The loofah is perfect in combination with our dishwashing soap block



    How to use:


    • Moist the loofah sponge and add soap
    • Rub over the dishes
    • Rinse well after use

    PS: hang the loofah sponge so it dries between uses.






    Size: ca 10 grams


    Materials: 100% ridge gourd vegetable. The ridge gourd is cleaned and dried under the sun.


    Lifetime: 2-3 months. Keep dry between use.


    Packaging: agro-waste lemongrass paper


    Disposal: compost

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