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Natural loofah body scrubs: everything you need to know

Our loofahs give you a great combination of massaging and exfoliating. It's a great alternative to plastic scrubs both in terms of sustainability and function. So why ever use a plastic loofah again? Our loofahs are made in rural India using leftovers of the local vegetable ridge gourd. Reducing agro-waste, providing livelihoods, and giving you a great plastic-free wellness experience.

The natural loofah body scrub gives you a perfectly balanced exfoliator and massaging scrub. It scrubs away dead skin cells and helps increase blood circulation which contributes to smooth and clean skin. Next to being a great body scrub it's 100% plastic-free and without potentially harmful synthetics. More information at the infographic at the bottom of the page.

Soap bars + loofah scrubs= yaaas

The loofah is perfect in combination with one of our soap bars. Simply rub the loofah over the soap bar before using it as a body scrub. The loofah will help you use the right amount of soap on your body.

Raw materials

Our natural loofah scrubs are made with the vegetable, ridge gourd. A vegetable in the pumpkin family that grows in central India. To easily hang the loofah up in the shower, we have added a piece of jute thread.


Our partner takes the local ridge gourds that for various reasons are not edible and turns them into loofahs by drying them under the sun, peeling them, and cleaning them. Our partner runs a small facility that provides work opportunities to people in the surrounding areas.


User guide and 5 reasons to switch to Natural Loofah


Loofah maintenance

It's important to clean your loofah after use. The shower environment which is often humid can result in the growth of bacteria. Here are a few steps you can take to avoid these bacteria:

  • Let it dry: hang up your loofah to dry after use, ventilate your shower area, and allow enough airflow for the loofah to dry properly.

  • Replace on time: ideally, when used with care, natural loofah lasts for a long time, but it's recommended to replace it after about 6 months or when it starts smelling or changes color. The loofah can then be fully composted.


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