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Know your producer - Wild Ideas Trust

Wild Ideas work to create truly effective and all natural products while providing work opportunities and empowerment to women and youth in difficult situations.

Products: Universal cleaner soap, Palm baskets

Finding Wild Ideas is a story in itself. The little farm is situated in the rural inlands of Tamil Nadu surrounded by small farms and vegetation. Yet, Fredrik could not miss the chance to collaborate with this amazing program, so he rented a moped and drove 6 hours through rural India to meet the Wild Ideas team and find ways to work with them. 

From the start of Wild Ideas women from nearby villages have come to the farm to meet a better future for them and their children. Providing women with economic independence is an important element for their empowerment, although the skills they learn, and the pride they get from creating products now to be loved by people all around the world is just as important.

By using local ingredients and traditional recipes the project helps provide livelihood to nearby independent farmers and to keep rural Indian traditions alive. Each of the products Wild Ideas makes are signed by the makers on the label or packaging so you can see exactly who made it for you. We’re looking forward to later posting information about each person behind the products. 

We are immensely proud to be working with the Wild Ideas team and we are looking forward to growing together with them on our joint mission of creating nature-friendly products for your everyday life.


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