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  • Fredrik Kondrup, founder ans CEO of Indo Naturals


Fair Trade is something often seen as a bit of a niche. Which is strange, because how did fair salaries, safe working conditions and human rights become a niche in our economy?

A lot of the products we use every day are made by low income workers (clothing, interior design, electronics, etc etc) that are often marginalized and without the support systems or the resources to stand up for their rights.

Their low salaries and lack of good working conditions become cheap products to the higher income earners around the world. It basically gives you and me the opportunity to consume and waste more. It’s as simple as that and since today is the World Fair Trade Day I feel it’s ok to be a bit blunt about it. It’s not a nice reality, and most people actually want this to change!

Covid-19 has hit the weakest groups the hardest and in addition, the recovery after the pandemic will be most demanding to these groups.

So what can we do?

Indo Naturals recently became a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, and this year they are focusing on how we can Build Back Fairer!

We all have an opportunity to make the world a fair place, and let’s put words into action!

Check out World Fair Trade Organizations information video on fair trade, covid-19 and the way forward.

Here are World Fair Trade Organizations 4 ways to Build Back Fairer:


While protecting the environment, we need to facilitate rural groups and help them earn their deserved livelihood.


As we utilize this opportunity to rebuild, it's important that we diligently commit to nature by using eco friendly materials and packaging consciously.


It provides us with a possibility of reshaping the business model which puts its producers and customers first than profits.


With so many alternatives in the market, it's our choice to procure plentiful raw materials through sustainable means reducing our CO2 footprints.

As consumers we choose where the products we use come from. Let’s choose fair!

Spread the word through Social Media #’ing BuildBackFairer with photos of your favorite fair trade products and shops!


Fredrik Kondrup, founder and CEO of Indo Naturals.

Fredrik has a background in economics where he focused on development and sustainable business models. He developed Indo Naturals through his experiences and knowledge within development economics and believes that a sustainable economy can only be developed if we think in new ways how our products are brought to life and introduced into people's lives.


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