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Our ingredients - the first step in creating sustainable products

We have carefully selected our ingredients so as to create the best products for your daily routines.

Our soaps are made with coconut oil, herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. They are free of toxic chemicals and contain the optimal amount of essential oils to avoid over-concentration that can irritate sensitive skin. Probiotic bacteria are added to protect the skin from harmful bacteria and prevent inflammation. The coconut oil in our soaps is sourced from independent farmers, while several of the other natural ingredients come from farms and wilderness areas close to the producer.

All our products are ethically and socially sustainable and made by locals near the origin of the base ingredients - in other words, they are “made locally”. This is to assure the use of fresh ingredients and to bring work opportunities to rural areas. This strategy is a better alternative to commodity trading, wherein only raw materials are sold, giving the local communities very little value for their natural resources. This injustice fuels rural poverty and economic inequality - one of the key reasons why developing countries are lagging behind.

By supporting independent farmers instead of plantations we help keep traditional and natural agricultural methods alive. However, these farmers are too small to afford certifications such as organic and Fairtrade. These certificates cater more to large plantations than independent farmers.

We keep a very close eye on the raw materials and ingredients used in our products. Since they are made in rural India and then imported to Europe, they face strict regulations and testing - stricter regulations than those that domestic producers face.

We are looking forward to getting our soaps to you - and we have several other products in the pipeline! We are on a challenging mission, but we are fueled by our desire to make a difference for several living beings. Our products will have a positive impact on your natural and sustainable lifestyle, life in the oceans, and people struggling in rural areas. We believe that our products will make your lives better.


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