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Packaging – our zero-waste products are plastic-free in every aspect

A huge part of plastic pollution comes from packaging. In fact, Natural Geographic reports that 40% of the plastic that is produced globally is used for single-use packaging.

Most packaging is only used once, then becomes what is called “waste”- a word that literally means that a resource is left unexploited and wasted. Wastefulness, which has been on a steady rise since the industrial revolution, has resulted in both resource mismanagement and devastating pollution. Packaging materials are produced for its ease of use, marketing and transportation. With the rise of plastic came a cheap solution that would facilitate all these elements and more. Unfortunately, plastic packaging is being made without considering the cost it has on the environment.

It can take up to 400 years for a piece of plastic to degrade. After that it might be invisible to our eyes, but it will still remain, as tiny microplastic particles. These particles collect pollutants and give of toxins that end up in plants, animals and humans. It was recently reported that microplastics have now found its way into the human organs through the food chain.

This is the reason we take packaging very seriously at Indo Naturals. We have gone to great lengths to develop our own soap boxes that are free from tape or glue, which is often made from plastic. We still wanted our soap boxes to be reusable, so we designed a folding technique that seals the boxes. The boxes can be used to keep small things like buttons, sewing needles, small electric parts, or anything else you can imagine.

Our boxes were made by our waste management partner in southern India, Saahas Zero Waste, using recycled paper. The company is a socio-environmental enterprise that aims to close the loop by converting waste into functional products. By avoiding the use of glue and minimise the amount of ink used the boxes can be both composted or recycled

Each box has a symbolic geometric pattern tied to the ancient traditions of the Indo region - a heritage we are proud to be connected to.

Inside the paper boxes, the soap bars are wrapped in butter paper. This is to ensure that the products stay fresh and the essential oils are preserved. The butter paper is also plastic-free, safe and eco-friendly.

We try to think of every aspect of sustainability when designing our products. We really hope you will appreciate our unique boxes. They too have a story to tell!


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