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Plastic - history’s most mistakenly priced material?

Plastic pollution has huge consequences on nature and animal life. However, these consequences are not calculated into the price of plastic like it would be in a sustainable economic system.

Huge amounts of plastic waste enter the oceans every minute, leading to animal suffering, microplastics, and toxic chemicals entering the food-chain. If we don’t act, we may risk a breakdown of the world's most important ecosystem.

If plastic was valued for its true costs, plastic would not be wasted. Single use plastics would probably barely exist, plastic would be recycled, and the oceans would be clean. Now 90% of plastic waste is never recycled, 30% ends up in the oceans, and there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050 if we don’t make a change.

Therefore, we should all consider the cost of plastic pollution when buying products.

You will find that our zero plastic products not only eliminate plastic waste from your lifestyle but also have many additional qualities that will make an adoption to a sustainable lifestyle an easy and exciting journey.

Additionally, our products are ethically made and contribute to rural development. We will tell you all about that later.


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