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Rural development - Why does it matter?

Rural development is essential in fighting poverty, ensuring equal rights between genders, and providing all children with access to education.

To stimulate the development of rural areas, it is crucial to give people access to fair income opportunities that will allow them to send their children to school and save up money in case of difficult times.

Rural areas cannot depend solely on providing raw materials through commodity trades. This is because it often results in large plantations only employing a few people on low and unstable wages.

Rural development depends on creating value-added activities in these areas. Producing in rural areas instead of only trading the raw material means income opportunities to many more people and, in the long run, an improvement of infrastructures such as health services and education opportunities.

An essential part of Indo Naturals is to contribute to this development. By creating innovative products in rural areas, we help reduce poverty through employment with fair income and training of unskilled workers. We specifically work to empower some of the weakest groups in India and push for equal opportunities.

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