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6 reasons to gift Indo Naturals soap bars

Starting from choosing sustainable essential items for gifting, to not buying products that have plastic in them, there are hundreds of ways in which you can show you care, and here are 6 reasons why our soaps make for a perfect sustainable gift.

A gift for natural wellness

Sustainability starts by taking care of yourself and your loved ones! Natural wellness with 100% naturally derived ingredients and botanicals is a great gift that anyone will be happy to unwrap.

All our soaps are made free of potentially harmful chemicals, contains ingredients that benefit your skin and hair, essential oils for various aromatic experiences and probiotics to protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

A gift for clean oceans

What we give out to this planet is every bit as important as what we take from it. At Indo Naturals, we design our products to be completely free from plastic and either compostable, easily recyclable, or reusable. Our soap baskets make for perfect zero-waste gifts.

At Indo Naturals, we are constantly striving to help you reduce your plastic use in everyday life, both for your own health and for the ocean's sake. Help your loved ones reduce their plastic footprint also, while reaping the many benefits of natural products.

A gift for a fair world

When you gift Indo Naturals soaps you also contribute to livelihood opportunities to people that are less fortunate. We work with small social producers close to where the main ingredient comes from. This way we contribute to livelihoods and empowerment of the rural population and weaker groups in society.

A gift for the animals

Our products are all 100% vegan. There are so many products you would never imagine being vegan that actually have animal derived ingredients in them. By choosing products that are vegan we contribute to both animal welfare and reduced Co2 emissions.

A gift that kills the Corona virus

Our soap bars are made of 100% concentrated and real soap, making it highly effective against viruses. Soap has the property of binding to the virus particles and tearing it apart. This way it completely and effectively eliminates the virus.

Check out this video for a longer explanation

FYI: As we are actively using face masks now, our facial cleanse soap can be a good idea to remove potential virus particles on the face.

A gift for everyone

Ethical and zero-waste soap bars are the perfect gift that anyone can enjoy. Almost everyone uses soap and anyone can enjoy the experiences of natural aromas. Our soaps are made with a small amount of essential oils making it more mild to the skin, hence why they are packaged in butter paper, to make sure the aromas stay in the soap.

“The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for” - Ernest Hemingway.

This holiday, let's do our bit to help our planet.


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