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Know your producer - MGEcoDuties

We discovered MGEcoDuties amongst an inspiring project for a world of peace, sustainability and consciousness - called Auroville.

Products: Body wash bar, Shampoo bar, Face wash bar

Auroville started in 1968 on a hill overlooking the Bay of Bengal. Now it has an important impact on the areas rural population, and is supported by UNESCO, UN and EU for it’s goal to show the possibility of global unity.

Read more about Auroville here.

MGE is one of the commercial chapters, helping keep the project alive and developing. They specialize in probiotic products with the utmost attention to ecological and social sustainability. Together we have created a set of soap bars especially customized for the European everyday life. Bringing you the benefits of zero plastic natural wellness inspired by self-care and development. Each soap is made for a unique experience through its ingredients and use.

The probiotics ingredients are based on research by founders Margarita and Guidelma, and are some of the world’s first probiotic soaps. They help promote positive bacteria that provide natural protection to our skin (read more about the benefits of probiotic skincare here).

Next to the probiotics, the ingredients are primarily sourced from the surrounding area. Coming from independent farmers growing organically on small pieces of land. 

All employees at MGEcoDuties, whatever their position, get the same salary. Moreover, 33 % of the profit goes back to the society of Auroville through the Kattida Kalai Trust - one of several Auroville trusts. This way, it supports the expansion of Auroville through sustainable infrastructure, as well as the rural development of nearby villages through education, women's empowerment, health services, employment and more.

This makes our soaps maybe the most impactful wellness product you can get, while at the same time providing you with the many benefits of natural care.


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