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Our 100% Hemp Bags: An Overview

Our bag adventure started with several months of focus groups, questionnaires, and interviews to land the best designs. After that, we started evaluating various non-cotton, natural fiber options. We quickly landed on hemp for its environmental benefits, and many exciting natural features fit for durable bags. Our design goal has been to create everyday bags to help you reduce plastic bags in your everyday life while reeking the benefits of the hemp textile. Unlike most other hemp bags, we decided to go with a percentage of no lower than 100% hemp.

We don't know why this is not common knowledge, but hemp actually has many unique features such as high durability, breathability, quick drying abilities, high moisture absorbency, and antibacterial properties. This makes hemp textiles perfect for making durable everyday bags and for storing food items. Too good to be true. Read more about these benefits and check out the scientific sources here.

Our bags are tailored in the Indian Himalayas contributing to creating livelihood opportunities, rural development, and women empowerment. Read the full story of how the bags are made here.

Big Bag

With our big-bag you'll never have to go twice again! The super durable hemp canvas with sections makes your grocery shopping, vacation trips, and all the other times you go with a load surprisingly easier and more enjoyable. The 100% hemp canvas and strap reinforcements going the whole way around the bag make it a sturdy bag ready for any challenge. Hemp, next to being incredibly sustainable to cultivate, is actually four times stronger than cotton fabric.

With our Big Bag, bulk grocery shopping and farmers' market trips become a dream worth realizing. The two sections inside the bag help you keep track of your smaller items in this incredibly spacious bag.

Tote Bag with pocket

Never "Yes" a plastic bag again! Our tote bag was created to make it easy to bring with you a plastic bag replacer wherever you go, and it gives you much more than a normal tote bag. Firstly, with its super-durable 100% hemp canvas and quality stitching, it won't fail you. So pack it tight and heavy without worry. Inside the bag, a pocket closed with a coconut button will keep control of your keys, wallet, phone and...anything small and valuable. It is also there so you can twist the bag into its own pocket creating a small pillow that is easy to take with you in your bag or backpack. If you need to take a seat when you're out and about, the strong and thick hemp canvas can be used as a sitting mat and will quickly dry after use. You can even use it as a small pillow while laying down to take a rest outdoors. The tote bag is ready to be your reliable, earth-loving friend that will always be there for you.

Bread Bags

Your bread needs a good rest. Not in yucky moist plastic bags, but in well-ventilated 100% hemp bread bags. Treat your bread better and it will give you memorable breakfasts, lunches, and even dinners, hey why not! Most people want mold-free bread with a crispy crust and a soft inside. Norway is one of the most bread-loving people, and the Norwegian Information Office for bread in Norway recommends using textile bread bags for storing bread. We can assure you that hemp is the textile to go for. High breathability, moist absorbency, quick-drying, and antibacterial properties make hemp textile perfect for storing bread.

Our hemp bread bags are also great for storing bread in the freezer. The fabric will not harden or misshape, and when you take it out of the freezer it will quickly bring the moisture away from your bread so it does not become soggy. Next, to being a top one-stop spot for your bread it will also help you ditch those moist plastic bags that might not even be food-safe.

Dry Food Bulk Bags

Ever tried shopping only for what you need, in small bulks without packaging? Or is the nuts and candy self-pick as far as you have gone? Well, your chance will come. More and more stores are offering bulk self-filling options for dry foods.

Our 100% hemp dry food bulk bags are made to keep your bulk food dry and fresh for longer. Hemp is perfect for this as it can absorb and hold high amounts of moisture away from the dry food inside, while it also carries antibacterial properties. Hemp can absorb up to 20% more moisture than cotton, is more breathable, and dries quickly. It's a perfect lightweight option to store dry foods! Pasta, lentils, beans, peas, grains.... BRIING IIIIT! Simply close the bag with the rolldown lock function after filling it, and use the handle to carry it with you or hang it up.


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