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Why use Soap Bars?

Why are soap bars the best choice for both body and environment?

Soap is an essential part of our daily lives and dates back to 2800 B.C. Having so many choices for soap, be it soap bars or liquid soaps, can make picking the ideal one a little more challenging. To help you out, let’s see some of the key benefits of our Soap Bars :


Liquid soaps generally contain approximately 80% percent of water whereas our soap bars are highly concentrated and contain no water. Hence, one soap bar can replace about three bottles of liquid soap. This makes them super long-lasting as long as you make sure they are kept dry between use. Read how you can make your own DIY soap bar holder here.

Plastic bottles used to store liquid soap are rarely recycled and contribute to the immense plastic pollution problem. Plastic pollution is not only a danger to marine life but also leaks dangerous compounds into the environment - the water we drink and the air we breathe. Our Soap Bars are an effective alternative to liquid soaps to safeguard the environment and hence help reduce your plastic waste.

Natural ingredients

In terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability, soap bars are unmatched. It's vital to pay attention to what's in the soap you use as the skin is our biggest organ and needs to be protected against unwanted pollutants and potentially harmful chemicals.

Liquid soaps often contain petroleum ingredients, synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and unnatural perfumes that are potentially bad for both you and the environment. Our soap bars don't contain any synthetic chemicals or preservatives such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or parabens.

Only natural oils, lye, botanicals, and other organic material are used in the making of a natural soap bar. India's rural areas have vast access to many of these ingredients. The formulations have been hand-picked for their aroma and their ability to improve the health of the skin, hair, and scalp. Making our soap bars require a minimum amount of water, which mostly evaporates during the curing of the bars, which means that there is no need for preservatives to keep the soap bars. This is one of the beauties of real natural soap bars. By adding probiotics to our bars, the soap bars become more gentle to the skin, a problem often associated with natural soaps, and in addition to this get truly unique characteristics as the soaps will provide your skin and scalp with good bacteria which is an essential component of for healthy skin.

Directly from the source

We put significant efforts to guarantee an ethical raw material sourcing and production process for all our products. Our goal is to contribute to development in rural areas often experiencing decreasing employment opportunities and increasing poverty.

When we say that our products are "made locally," we mean that they are made in the local areas of the main ingredients. This way the ingredients are fresh and the process is more transparent. It allows us to support the development of rural regions and provides employment opportunities for both independent farmers, raw material processing units, and the production unit itself. Making the impact on the ground bigger.

This also means fewer middlemen in the process. Which results in a lower price. Hence, you get a quality bar of soap at a reasonable price.

Plastic-free, easily recyclable packaging

As the soaps are solid it allows for use of paper packaging. We make our soap bar packaging with FSC-certified recycled paper. This means that less water is consumed, less CO2 is emitted and no new trees are cut.

The packaging is designed with a folding technique that requires no glue, and with a minimal print, it means that the soap boxes can be composted in the garden, if not recycled.


Many individuals are looking for alternatives to soaps loaded with chemicals and leaving a plastic footprint. At Indo Naturals we have a wide variety of soap bars suited for all your daily needs. Our soap bars are made to contribute to a variety of purposes, such as relieving stress, revitalizing the body, providing a lightweight soap for travel, facilitating detoxification, or encouraging deep breathing and mindfulness practices. We practice fair trade and believe in making zero-waste lifestyle products in the struggle for clean oceans. Let’s do something today that our future self will thank ourselves for doing our bit and opt for sustainable product consumption.


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